About Galaxy Mobile Solutions

Galaxy Mobile Solutions simplifies mobile telephony. We are a new player, but far from inexperienced. We benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of our parent company, the Galaxy Group. As an all-round communication specialist, in 1997 we were the first Dutch mobile provider to give small and medium-sized businesses and independent professionals a full breakdown of their phone costs. And neither do we keep any secrets from our clients in Belgium. Through a customised offer, we ensure that you’re accessible anytime, anywhere. Expect no inflexible subscriptions or hidden costs. You only pay for your actual voice and data traffic.

Honest agreements

Galaxy Mobile Solutions does not have standardised packages or fixed discounts on call minutes or data traffic. Neither do we give away ‘free’ devices. To us, the customer is central. In consultation with you we determine which voice and data subscriptions best match your organisation and ambitions. If necessary we can give you an additional module and a mobile device. Everything is laid down in transparent agreements, and you will always have access to information on your subscriptions and costs. If your requirements change, we will modify our offering immediately – Galaxy Mobile Solutions’ subscriptions can be modified or cancelled from one day to the next. This is a very practical solution when, for instance, it turns out that your staff use an increasing amount of data traffic.

Our objective is simple: Galaxy Mobile Solutions wants to offer you mobile telephony that helps your company move forward. That’s why we are transparent and flexible – so you know exactly what to expect from us and what it will cost.