Five reasons entrepreneurs choose Galaxy


Simple packages easy to apply

As an entrepreneur you have to keep responding to developments. Rigid subscriptions and long-term contracts are not appropriate. Galaxy understands this. We only provide tailored packages and modify our range to match any changes. Precisely what you need if your company wants to capitalise on new opportunities.


Billing voice per second and data per KB

Our simple subscriptions for voice and data are the basis for clear agreements. So you know exactly what you’re getting and what it costs. With Galaxy you only pay for what you use. That lets you keep control of the costs. And if you don’t want to pay your data per KB and would prefer a fixed monthly amount, there’s always one of our attractive bundles.


24/7 accessibility for personal support

Galaxy has its own servicedesk which we manage entirely ourselves. Our people are always ready to answer your questions. That assures you of personal and tailor-made advice. Naturally during office hours, but even in emergencies you will always get someone on the other end immediately. For theft or the loss of your device you can count on us 24/7.


Subscriptions can be cancelled from one day to the next

With Galaxy you are signed up, but not committed. So with us there are no long terms, or unclear rates. We know that circumstances can change. Then it’s absolutely honest to modify the agreements on mobile telephony. In this way you are, and will always remain, accessible at the lowest cost.


Always a detailed insight into charges and usage

Galaxy doesn’t keep any secrets from you. Each month our clients receive a detailed statement of all agreements and charges. This way you always know what your company is paying for mobile telephony. Additionally our up-to-date reports clearly show where even more benefits can be achieved.